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when touching the edge of her skin...

it is way too late for me to be awake, especially considering the lack of sleep i've had recently. but i'm inspired...

lots of good things happen amongst annoyances at work and with family. i'm back in south jersey tonight and things are better. i won't be at the office tomorrow and this makes me smile. i miss my girl, but i know the next two days will fly. friday = my cousin damon's wedding. saturday = whatever/time with the fam.

my writing is a little stalled, but i'm getting some stuff down which is good. i'm concentrating on form and structure, particularly the value of repetition/some kind of refrain. it's something i worked on a while back and it's cool to return to it.

i went to see an awesome show (technically rock opera) that trisha is stage managing. it's called "greendale," after the neil young concept album. it's pretty rad. it may not be "tommy," but it makes me want to buy the album (despite me hating neil young's voice).

next weekend abby and lex move to JC, literally down the street, and it's almost enough to make me stay...but new york, man, it's been calling me for years. i got to go. and i love it too much not to. helene and i will be seeing a few places shortly. good prospects. i have faith.

some ridiculous crap has also been occurring, not so much to me, but to those i love. can we just be done with this cursed month already? (i have a theory that sometime between july-august is historically chock full of bad events. either that or it's a huge freaking coincidence.) these days, i'm feeling pretty strong and capable that i can manage just fine...but sometimes even the new & improved me gets down...

and then i remember the blue october concert in texas or random good times with my roommate or pride or eating indian on a thursday afternoon or cross-country or state phone calls with friends or writing on late nights in the subway or waking up with her -- and i smile. i'm happy. i'm on the right track...

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