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July 2008

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This St. Elmo's Fire moment was brought to you by...

(Fill in the blank here)

This is public because I actually believe that this little post will provide some kind of solace to the masses. At least those masses in their post-collegiate early 20s.

See, the last few weeks I've been feeling like a massive failure. I'm not in grad school, I haven't been published, I like my job but I don't love it, I'm worried about my creativity being drained away, I'm poor, I'm a big ball of confusion, worry, spazing, and generally tortured by my own hand. Sometimes my inner monologue isn't pretty.

But slowly, ever so slowly (after a minor meltdown), I started coming in contact with friends I had recently lost touch with and found out about their lives. And the generally consensus?

None of us know what the hell we're doing.
We're all struggling, we're all worried, we're definitely all poor, and we're constantly fighting our inner demons to get to the next best thing.

Sometimes we fake our happiness for everyone around us because we believe our friend next to us has it so much better. They've really got their shit together.

But they don't.

And that is comforting.
Cuz...we're all going through this...


That is super awesome. I love it. :)
VERY poor.
Fo rizzle. Thank God Friday is pay day!!!
Hi! I added you as a friend a long time ago, and I just HAVE to comment on this post--I don't think this could've been written any better--this is EXACTLY how I'm feeling right now, and pretty much how all my friends are feeling too. Thank you for being so honest.

Do you mind if I x-post this in my journal, referencing you of course?
Hi there! Sure thing. Feel free. And thank you, that's a big compliment to me. :)
Ohhhhh yes.
Thank you for this.
No problem, m'dear. Ah le sigh...it's just so ridiculously true & yet apparently not obvious enough. Hmmm.
That was nice. It made me feel better. Thank you. :)